episode 11 of The Better Part podcast with The Fairtrade Fashionistas: Brandi Mendenhall & Shannon Riesenfeld

Hi Friends!

So here we are in November on the front end of the most wonderful time of the year!  I am so happy to introduce Brandi and Shannon to you.  We all hope you find the information they share timely and helpful and a valuable resource as you shop your Christmas and Hanukah gift list! 

Brandi & Shannon met online through Noonday Collection 3 years ago and have become close friends!  Their first time to hangout together in person was at ALLUME 2013.  They found common ground in a shared interest in all things fair-trade and fun fashion.  Brandi started The Fair-trade Fashionistas blog and now they are both contributors.  The blog has grown into a new online community and shopping experience in one site!  You can check it out at thefairtradefashionistas.com!

Speaking of Noonday, as an ambassador I earn a commission and a portion of that goes toward the expense of podcasting.  Your purchases through my Noonday Collection site are making an impact in the lives of the artisans we partner with AND helping to carry the message of The Better Part out to listeners near and far.  You can also support The Better Part by subscribing to the show in iTunes and share the show with your friends!  Be sure to visit noondaycollection.com to connect with your local ambassador too!
I learned so much and enjoyed having this conversation with Brandi and Shannon.  These practices and concepts are still new to me, so it helps me to talk through ideas and learn from women who are further down the road in the journey than I am.  One thing that resonated in me as we talked is that shopping is something I put my hands to, and everything I put my hands to is to be done to honor The Lord.  All of every moment of our lives is worship.  If all means ALL, then that includes how we spend or save or invest our money, time, and resources.  

Everything has it's beginning and beginnings are the size of seeds.  We don't start with mature oak trees y'all.   I love that Brandi reminded us of this verse that we can apply in all spaces of our lives and moments.
So start. Start small. Start where you can. Start!

Brandi & Shannon recommended these companies as resources for shopping with fair-trade companies or companies whose products are ethically sourced and produced.  They'd make a great place to put feet to your start! 

  • Tonlé  I'm seeing several things that are so stylish, but this Keang top in its graphic wood grain print is my first impression favorite!  I think it'd be a great year round top that can be layered under cardigans in cooler temps.

  • Teysha  These La Sofia boots are stunning.  An investment or significant gift price point, but the craftsmanship in well made leather boots is worth every dollar.  Just on looks, these are my favorites from their site!

  • Pact - Shannon's new sock & underwear source! Look for leggings and tights too!  They have stuff for everyone in the family BUT this right here...this Baby's Cozy Set in Fair Isle is too cute!

  • Symbology  When the site loaded I was pleasantly surprised...it's very Anthropologie!  I love the experience of color and patterns presented in wearable fashion...it's like wearing art.  The Navy & Gold Henna Tunic is my fall pic from their site hands down.  Although the retail price is above my personal budget, I believe you get what you pay for!  And they have a blog on the site that tells us all we need to know about who makes these beautiful pieces.  

  • West Elm You are probably no stranger to West Elm!  They are known for their stylish home furnishings.  I think this short video explains their commitment to impact sourcing better than I ever could!

  • Be Good Clothing  Another source for clothing made of clean organic textiles.  Once again the retail price points are above my comfort zone, but I found these two on sale!  Be Good offers an effortless, breezy, California style from the looks of things on the site.  I think that's what appeals to me most.

AND!  Do not forget that chocolate! Brandi & I can both vouch for how delicious it is!  Bark Thins for the WIN!  Look for it at your Target or grocery store and ask for it if they don't carry it. So very insanely {all the synonyms for good} good!

Be sure to follow Brandi & Shannon on Instagram @fairtradefashionistas and visit their new site thefairtradefashionistas.com.  The site is up and going so be sure to visit them there soon as you can!  Let them know you heard the episode and share your favorite take away. 
Okay, so since sharing is caring, let us know what your favorite things are in the comments.  Don't keep a good thing a secret!  Tell us what you're loving in fair-trade, B-corp, ethically produced goods!
See you soon!