There's always more than one way to dress a window!

Every now and then a friend will post a "what do I do with this" question on their Instagram or Facebook and my problem solving soul LEAPS and I see options and solutions and ideas running through my mind's eye!  Just now this happened, and I know what would work and while my idea is good it's not the only one.  But it's a darn good one.

Here's the scene.  A bedroom, probably a guest room, with a glorious large window.  Check out my friend's post: 

Help me, interwebs: I am finally to the point that I want to get curtains up on the window in our bedroom. Yeah, yeah, 18 years and none yet. Whatever. You have your faults, too. So, what do I do on this big ol' window? I'm thinking curtains with sheers; I won't really close the curtains since there are blinds. But, do I go with a color, or something white or neutral since the bed has all the color? I am not spending a million dollars to put curtains on this window - my budget is about $20. (I'm kidding) (sort of) Helps?? (Also? Please ignore the mess that is my husband's dresser. This is why we can't have nice things. 😳😜)

I love her honest approach to EVERYTHING.  We've all had that room or that Here's the room and window.  I mean come on! How about that window! I love it! (Photo Credit: @tressa_nicole on Instagram)

My take on the situation:

  • amazing natural light
  • privacy enough for a bedroom, dark enough for sleep without that pesky ray of light coming in on the edge of the rod length
  • clean, classic, fresh look that won't go out of style or need to change even if the room's purpose does
  • no window trim on top or sides
  • budget friendly

What I like about this window dressing is EVERYTHING!  I like how it addresses all of the needs of the guest bedroom window above and does so with out going for a heavy, dated, or pricey look.

1.  The Roman Shade is a great option for some privacy during the day or when the room is not in use.  Here the shade is hung within the window box and the trim frames the look.  In the window my friend will be dressing I'd recommend the same approach.  The header on the shade will give a clean finished look.
2.  Let's take a look at the curtain rod!  This wrap around rod from Urban Nest will let the curtains she hangs drape around to the wall so no wayward outside light disturbs sleepy guests.  I have this rod in my office and it runs about $40 for a double window width on amazon.  This also can help keep drafts at bay in cooler weather.  I especially like the classic low profile that reminds me of a timeless Pottery Barn look.  Mounting the rod half the distance between the window trim and crown moulding lengthens the look and adds height to the room.  This will be a great way to finish off dressing this guest room window.
3.  The curtains.  I love getting lined curtains when I can and I've recently seen some neutral options that are lined ready-made panel pairs at Home Goods for under $30.  In this inspiration picture I like the pinch pleated panels with hooks onto rings.  Details like this can take a budget project up to a decorator look without blowing the bank.  I'd avoid tab top panels so you won't end up with a dated look that won't stand the test of time.

Here's the same approach on a double window in the same home.  These two images are from the home and Instagram feed of Darby Stickler @darby0613.  Search her hashtag #scenesaroundthenewoldhouse for some beautifully family friendly design ideas!

I'm sure whatever she decides to do to her window will turn out great!  Sometimes the hardest part is just the starting.  There's always more than one way to skin a cat.  Which is a weird saying to start with.  How'd we come up with that?!  Never mind.

Tell me this, what project have you been sitting on "fixing to" for a while now?  I have this chair...