I'm ba-a-ack!

After a long hiatus, sabatical, whatever...I'm back. I miss my blog! It is therapy for me of the best kind...FREE! Since I last posted much has happened...My husband completed his degree Accounting from South and is beginning a new job, my oldest child has completed Kindergarten and is in 1st grade, we have successfully surrived the terrificly-terrible two's with Andrew and his first ER visit, we sold our house and moved, and we have another precious boy (baby Will 5 mos.) !

All this and it feels like I just sat down here yesterday. I told a friend this during Christmas, "I feel like this Holiday Season is a marathon. When I finally get to a checkpoint, everyone has already left and there's not even any water out! Just a sign that says: NEXT CHECKPOINT 5 MILES! So on I run...when I get there...the party's over, nobody cheering on the sides, & no water!"

So here I am, my holiday season officially ended after my oldest son's January birthday. Then we got a break and a chance to catch up with our lives. Catch up I have and now I'm back. Things have changed, new scenery, new little person in my life, but I'm still me...I'm just me with 3 boys instead of 2.

My blog may be changing a little, only fitting since I have too. Hope you find some rest here at this checkpoint and catch up with us as you read.