Notable Notes

  • Kept all 5 "dollars" today!
  • Read several books to his brother today.
  • Ate ALL of his green beans, with no complaints, at supper.
  • Rode his scooter down the big hill our rental house is on, without falling or fear. When he got to the bottom he hollered out, "MOMMY!!!" and gave me a thumbs up with a huge 'Mater' grin.
  • Was fed, bathed, and storied by 7:26 pm. That won't make the 10 o'clock news...but it should.
  • Was just a delight all the way around today. I'm only jealous that the best or greatest part of his day was spent away from me...us. We miss our Jack when he is away at school. He is an amazing 7 yr old! So bright, so handsome, and so very very funny! Seriously, he is like a comedian. He loves to make me laugh...and I love to laugh with him.


  • Watched Sesame Street and danced to and sang all the songs. He was especially entertaining during the Bert & Ernie sketch. The letter of the day was...I forgot. The number of the day was 9. Nine is fine!
  • After SS he did about 6 puzzles. Note to self: we need some new puzzles. He is doing 50+ piece puzzles that are for ages 5 and up. Most of ours now are missing pieces and that bugs type A AWH to no end.
  • Told me he was sorry for sneaking into the car to eat Jack's Christmas candy. (I'll put the whole story on here one day soon.)
  • "Done fell out" when I insisted he sit on the potty (Dad) to poop after he'd eaten and played awhile. I'm determined to catch him before he poops his pull ups.
  • He did poop, a little...in the potty! V-i-c-t-o-r-y, victory-victory, that's my cry! I did not have to change a pooped pull up today! woo hoo
  • Had a PBJ, sans J, for lunch. By the way, don't just call it a PB...even though he doesn't like jelly :o ?!?
  • Was so sweet getting ready for nap. He loves, LOVES routine. So now our nap time routine is like this: potty, get a story book, sit on the couch, pray "Thank you God for Andrew, and thank you God for books.", sing itsy bitsy spider, read story, sing "God is so good" Andrew's favorite verse is 'God is my friend', then its up to bed for nap...oh, when I hug him I have to say "mmm mmm" or else he tells me, "Mommy, you have to say mmm mmm!" Sometimes I "forget" to say it on purpose;) Can you blame me?
  • Got up from nap and did MORE puzzles.
  • Played outside with Jack and rode his tricycle back and forth on the sidewalk b/w the neighbor's driveway and ours...with his big ol' helmet on. What a rascal.
  • More playtime outside with the neighbor kid and Jack until supper.
  • Did not eat his green beans at supper...right away...he did after some time with the rod of instruction. He did gobble up his raviolis, sauce and all. Not a bad dinner time, for Andrew.
  • Was fed, bathed, and storied with Jack by 7:26. Another breaking news story that just won't get reported. Makes me wonder what else the media just doesn't tell that should be told.
  • All in all, Andrew was a fabulous little 3 year old today. I love his little 3 yr old voice and how he says things. He is so smart. Geez everyday he amazes me at how much he remembers and what he can do. He is truly his name, immovable warrior. I love to hear him "read"; he has practically memorized his favorite books and "reads" them out loud to me.


  • SLEPT TILL 7:something AM!
  • Was cute all morning and laughed and "played" with Andrew.
  • Took a LOOOOONNNNGGG midday nap...at the same time as Andrew's. This should make the same 10 o'clock news report b/c this has only happened about 2 or 3 times in the last 6 months.
  • Woke up happy and hungry about 2 pm.
  • Ate then was cute and playful some more.
  • Had fun watching the big boys play and ride outside.
  • Got hungry again, so he ate again, and took an abbreviated early evening nap.
  • Sat in his high chair and played with his sippy cup while we all ate supper.
  • Ate some baby food apples and LIKED them!
  • Had 2 blowouts, thanks to his antibiotic.
  • Got hungry, ate, snuggled, went to bed a little after 8 pm.
  • Was a snuggly, sweet, cutie alllll the day long. Mmmm mmmm so much sweetness in one little 17 pound package. Have you seen baby toes lately? Well you should.


  • Took Jack to school.
  • Had a busy, but good day of work. He loves his new job.
  • Got the company name put on his work truck. It looks good.
  • He picked Jack up for me! It was so nice not to have to interrupt naps today.
  • He was home before 6 pm! Alert the media, stop the presses!
  • He helped out with the boys and had some good times with them this evening.
  • I think he's had a good day too.


  • Still getting well, I'm still very congested which makes my head hurt.
  • I did all of the above with the boys.
  • I ate when they ate, well when Andrew ate, I did not eat as often as the baby ate. Self control, its a virtue.
  • I played when they played.
  • I put four loads of clothes and towels through the laundry, and folded them. Well, most of them.
  • I TOOK A NAP! (It was about a 45 min nap, and felt like a 20 min nap. What can I say, I'm exhausted. I have some catching up to do I guess.)Newsworthy, yet won't make the news.
  • I worked a crossword puzzle to 90% completion.
  • I had supper on the table and everyone sitting down to eat at 6:06 pm.
  • I did the dishes, scrubbed the pots, and cleaned the kitchen and made a dessert before 7:26 pm. I made it in time for the bed time story with the boys!
  • I had Will in bed in time to watch Jon & Kate plus 8 in real time. I got to check email and blog while I watched.
  • I had a pretty good day.
  • I'm going to be in bed before 10 o'clock pm.