Apology 101

Ok class, this will be on the test...

Top 10 Ways Not to Apologize When You Hurt Someone's Feelings:

10.  Don't send a card because cards are passe' and e-cards just look like you didn't care enough to buy a card and a stamp and put the pen to the card and theeeen mail it.
9.  Don't buy any special sweets, i.e. chocolates, if it is not on or around a commercial "holiday" because hey, who likes candy that isn't in the shape of some fictional character or just because anyway?
8.  Don't send flowers because they might be the wrong color.
7.  A Starbuck's gift card won't work because if they spill hot coffee on themselves in the car or burn their tongue on the first sip, they might blame you.
6. Writing a "love" note is not suggested unless you are as talented as say...Shakespeare.
5.  Skywriting is expensive and the pilot might misspell your message.
4.  An accessory dog with its own purse could mean big trouble if its a biter.
3.  A makeover at the spa might send the wrong message...that you think there is something to makeover.
2.  A mix-tape of favorite songs might look like you spent a liiittle too much time thinking about the person.
1.  Absolutely never come right out and say what you did/said was wrong, especially not in writing, it could be held against you in the future.  Better to just be silent and pretend like it never happened...they'll get over it...eventually.