These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Every year when my birthday, anniversary, or Mother's Day (I've given up on V-Day) roll around I get all excited.  I know, it seems very materialistic or selfish...but I LOVE to get presents, surprises, or special little "this made me think of you"s.  Every year my husband tells me "You're so hard to shop for"  when I don't swoon over gifts like say a Disney set of war cartoons or Bible number 3.  

So it has occurred to me that some of your husbands, boyfriends, or family may say the same about you.  It also occurred to me that a public list of suggested gift ideas would help everyone out since Mother's Day (and my birthday) are coming quickly.  

If none of the following appeal to you or seem quite right for your gift-ee...you cannot go wrong with a gift card to a favorite store or restaurant.  Not sure what store or restaurant are their favorites?  Check the bank statement and see where they go the most...even if its Wal Mart or Target...it will at least be something they will use!

Here's another tip, if you want to buy something for them to wrap up, check their closet for a favorite clothing or shoe brand.  

Still not sure...what gal wouldn't LOVE a day at the salon or spa for some pampering?  Think massage, manicure, pedicure, or ALL 3!  

Okay, here's my list of some favorite things...no particular order just as they come to me.

  • Circle E Candles in Bird of Paradise or Sierra Wind
  • Starbucks gift card (gc)
  • Shoe Station gc
  • a spa package at a nice spa like the Grand Hotel or NouVeau
  • gc for a manicure &/or pedicure to Amy's Nails on Knollwood
  • a Southern Living subscription
  • Bath & Body works gc or gift set
  • Goldie brand Lip Gloss from Bath & Body Works
  • Look Ma New Hands lotion from B&B Works
  • a trip to the beach
  • a trip to the New Orleans Zoo
  • some original art by a local artist
  • Pottery Barn gc
  • Williams Sonoma gc
  • raisinettes
  • Sam's gc
  • something with a monogram or my name on it
  • a large carry all tote from LL Bean (or is it Lands End?)...heck Ballard Designs has cute ones too
  • concert tickets for Diana Krall
  • a shopping trip...for me not groceries or diapers
  • luxuriously high thread count cotton sheets in cream/ivory
  • nice thick new towels in cream/ivory/white
  • a day fishing/or crabbing
  • a deep sea 1/2 day fishing trip
  • a dinner at a nice restaurant...without my precious children
  • a trip with the kids to the Audubon Zoo
  • a hammock or hammock "chair" swing
  • a Kirkland's gc
  • gc to Michael's or Hobby Lobby for picture framing
  • some pieces of my stemware pattern
  • a family portrait at a good photographer...one that does not do $9.99 packages
  • jewelry of the diamond kind...a small cross or some solitaire earrings or necklace
  • I like pearl jewelry too
  • heck, I like jewelry that is "real" of the non-turning colors when you perspire kind

Well there you have it...that's all I can think of ...right now.  I will reserve the right to add to or modify the above list as I see fit. 

Got a favorite thing?  Please let me know about it!  I'm so curious what you might add!

Remember, the greatest gift ever given is the gift of life in Jesus! :)