Keeping up with the Joneses

Apparently while the rest of the world has been on Facebook I've been oblivious.  I had no idea what the deal was or why "I need to do Facebook".  Why do I "need" to do Facebook when I have email and IM and a blog?  Aren't there enough ways to keep up with me?  To keep up with each other?

Well, here's the deal with Facebook...all it is is High School all over again.  Yes it is!  You can see who the popular people are because they'll have 679 "friends" in their loop, or whatever.  They'll have all kinds of cute doo-dads on their page.  Come on!  Don't yall see what you look like?  You're like fat guy in a little coat!  Or your friend's dad who is still keeping his pork-chop sideburns b/c they looked good back-in-the-day and he wants  today to be back-in-the-day.  
I know, I know, it would be great fun to go back to how it was and relive the good things about high school for most of us.  But you gotta LIVE IN THE NOW!

Seriously though, it is cool to reconnect and find old friends and if Facebook helps us do that then I say GREAT!  I wonder though, how many of us will keep in touch?  You know lylas, bff and all.  That's what we said at graduation right?  Keep in touch!  How long did that last?  Why didn't we keep in touch?  Why don't we keep in touch now?

We are so connected...cell phones, home phones, email at work-home-and on our phones, IM, text messages...does anyone actually write with a pen on paper and mail it (with a stamp) anymore?  Anyway, we are at times too connected and yet we can't find time to email a friend or relative to say, "Hi!  I'm still here, are you still there?"  Now all of a sudden, along comes Facebook and we're all gonna keep in touch?  LOL!  Does anyone else see the irony and humor in this.  It's precious!

So, if you want to reach me you can call me, text me, email me, leave a comment on my blog...and now you can write on my wall.

Wendy Hogan
Facebook High class of '08