I'm Quitting Oprah

Well, it has come to this...I'm going off Oprah, cold-turkey. No 12 step, no weaning, no cutting back, no every-once-in-awhile viewing. She's gone. Without going into a sermon and appearing like I'm trying to be your Holy Spirit, here's why...

She's just gone too far. I knew she and I would never agree politically or spiritually, however, I liked to watch occasionally if the topic was light-hearted, re current events, or that favorite things show. So, this week I saw a clip on you-tube of an ollllddd episode I never saw live. It shook me and got my attention in light of the fwd emails going around the globe re her "church".

Did you know Oprah denies with her own mouth, categorically, that Jesus is THE Christ, the only way to God and heaven? Yes she does. So that is enough. Christians are commanded not to have anything to do with any form of evil or godlessness right? Well, my time has come. It is time for me to do some real Spring cleaning and Oprah is getting deleted from tivo and I'm no longer an occasional or casual viewer content to accept her simply for tv fluff and fun. I've had enough and am going to "nip it in the bud".