to everything turn, turn, turn, there is a season turn, turn, turn...

I remember learning in Nursing school, I think in Psych, that there are 7 major life events that can cause serious stress on a body. Death, birth, marriage, divorce, loss of job, moving...etc.

Well, we're moving again. It will be our 4th time in 12 years. Our 5th time will happen after June 15th. We sold our house in West Mobile last Summer and have rented this last year; now we are buying a house 1.5 miles from our rental and we can't move in until June 15th.

I know most of you have been in this place, you know the place where you can't find anything...boxes are everywhere...you're excited-but you're not...sleep?

Well, now I'm there...with 3 boys! What an adventure! Seriously, it is an adventure. They are excited, and that's contagious. The only time I thought we were gonna have a meltdown was when they thought the TV was going to storage...along with less important things like beds and couches. men

The boys were THRILLED to know that they would be sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags under their pop-up Buzz Lightyear tent. What could be better!

Baby Will is oblivious, he is teething and hasn't slept through the night for the last month or more. He is a happy teether, just won't stay asleep when we are! He did sleep when my husband & dad were moving major pieces of furniture down stairs and out the hall past the room he was sleeping in.

So, we're gonna be floating for 2 weeks, living out of rubbermaid boxes. Adventure!

The picture of unpacking on the other end is overwhelming to me. I had to mix up stuff to make use of every storage/moving box. That was hard for someone like me. But we got it done. My mother and father were tremendous help, Michael's parents put on their hero costumes too!

At one point Andrew (3) was directing the men and telling them where to put stuff on the truck and that was funny. There were some funny moments sprinkled in here and there. Like my Mom "accidentally" finding her birthday present. Or when I asked Michael to get some more boxes at the liquor store and he came back with 7...I said was that all they had? No, I just thought that was enough...besides I didn't have enough room. In the Yukon you didn't have enough room? Whatever:)

So today I'm going downtown to buy more blank newspaper end-rolls, collect boxes from electrical supply houses...& liquor stores. The other day I was loading about 24 liquor boxes in the Yukon and 2 men walk by and go, "Hey we wanna go to that party!" Really? I said, "Well, we're moving and these are empty...but we need all the help we can get!" They changed their tune.

It is kind of fun driving around town with loads of liquor boxes. I get some funny looks. Especially in the carpool line at my son's Christian school! ;)

Oh, as I was getting ready to start our day Andrew came and told me, "Mommy I want you to look pretty today." I know I haven't fixed up over the weekend, I'm gonna fix myself this morning though. So I asked, "Well, how can I do that?" Andrew points to a wedding photo on the wall and said, "Like that! You have to weah you white pwincess dwess!"


"I was a pwincess...once upon a time, long-long ago."