Eye Candy



These are pictures from my trip a few weeks ago to the Low Country (Beaufort, SC ~ Savannah, GA).  The colors really grabbed me.  And if I knew anything about photoshop, which I intend to know lots of things as soon as i can, I could amp up the colors in these shots to real life amazing and they'd grab you too!

You know what...there's a color palette here.  I should name it something like...
Low Country Casual.

I'm in love with the orange.  What would you call it? 
Perfection in orange?

And the grey.
It's in the sky, the water, the driftwood, even the shadows.
Love the grey, don't you?
Smoky, soothing, suttle.
Perfection in grey?

Then there's the accent colors green and black.
Let's talk about the green.
I have it!
Green with envy!
I like the soft green on the house with the Savannah Orange door...
the fig ivy covered house.
Which is also a light green under the lush ivy.

I am definitely of the opinion that every room shines with just a touch of black.
Here the black is on the lighthouse, in the dark landscape at sunset, and in the shadows.
It works.
Like mascara.

Did you think I forgot the blue?
No way!
Like your favorite blue jeans that go with everything...
at that 
SKY blue SKY!

So, if you're looking to change things up this fall and want to try out a new color scheme that's safe but new for you try this pallette:
Low Country Casual.

~Savannah Orange~
~Smoky Grey~
~Green with Envy~
~Black Mascara~
~Blue Sky Denim Blue~



~So, which is your favorite?~

Working with a color scheme or pallette doesn't mean you have to have every color represented in the fabrics you select.  Once you've got your fabrics, add in touches of black, green, orange, blue, or grey (in keeping with this pallette)...whichever colors you used least...in accent pieces.  For example:
~black picture frames~ b/w prints for grey~accessories in a pop of color like the orange of green~
~throw pillows~art work~one little doo dad from a good store like Pottery Barn or Ballard Designs can make a special statement.  (I like to use the catalogs for inspiration when I go sailing...garage sailing that is.)
Baskets of natural woods/fibers can bring in the browns/greys of the pallette...and they are STORAGE.

Lighting is like jewelry, use it to pull out an element in your pallette and pull the whole "outfit" together.  
(A piece of advice, stay away from builder grade lighting fixtures that look too much like familiar female anatomy.  Know what I mean? I'm trying to be polite and keep my "G" rating...and I'm modest. 
But seriously...who designed those things? Did they think we wouldn't notice the resemblance? men) 
Anyway, be creative with your lighting.  Check salvage shops, Goodwill, home consignment shops too.  Good lighting at great prices can be had easily.

Don't forget your floor.  If you can't afford to replace your current floor shop for a rug.  The grass rugs are a great way to keep things neutral.  But a great rug can make a huge difference in a room, so shop around online and at local retailers.  You may hit pay dirt and find a gem!

One more thing I wanted to mention and that's denim.
The sofa/loveseat pair my parents got when I was in 6th grade was handed down to me and my family.  It had seen better days but we were so thankful for it.  I saved a little money and shopped around for fabric and an upholsterer who did slipcovers.  I scored on both.  At the time I lived in Mobile, AL and found a fabric warehouse that had denim at $6.00/yd.  Across the street from the warehouse was an upholsterer who I hired to make new back cushions (the existing ones were attached and tired) and a slip cover in the denim for both pieces.  I gave her the Pottery Barn catalog with their PB basic sofa design and she used that to make my slipcover.  It was a great investment.  We got many more years use out of that furniture.  What could be better for a slipcover than denim in a household with 3...THREE...boys.  And a dog.  That slipcover washed great, held up to the wear and tear we gave it, and felt as good as your favorite jeans.  
As if denim needed another plug here's one more...
it goes with everything.
Just like your jeans.

Don't forget the paint!  You may want to keep the walls "neutral"...keep in mind that doesn't limit you to builders' beige.  It's a great look to paint an accent wall a stronger color.  Want to see it in person? Go to Pottery Barn and look around.  Pay attention to their walls.  Accent wall color works.  And to make it easier for you, PB even has their own paint collection now.  I love this fall's colors.

Some of the colors that jump out to me for my Low Country Casual inspiration pallette are:
~Rattan~Bittersweet~Firenze~Fairview Taupe~Pale Avocado~
~Jalepeno Pepper~Hathaway Gold~Olive Branch~Hillside Green~
~Hampshire Grey~Clarksville Grey~Simply White~Decorators White~

Lots and lots to choose from.  My favorites? Thanks for asking:
Accent Color Wall
Fairview Taupe

Main Color
 Pale Avocado
Olive Branch
Hillside Green
Clarksville Grey

I love fall.  This pallette is a new take on fall to me.  
I hope the changing of the seasons puts a spring in your step and inspires you too!
Looking forward to hearing your feedback on this pallette!