Keeping It All Together

Stuff.  We all got it.

  • baby stuff
  • kid stuff
  • grown up stuff
  • church stuff
  • work stuff
  • school stuff
  • sports stuff
  • dance stuff
  • hobby stuff (scrapbooking is a cult-my opinion and I'm entitled to it)
  • house stuff
  • Bible study stuff
  • project stuff
  • club stuff
See what I mean? Did I leave anything out?

My Mom calls it "clutter".  I suppose stuff that is not contained, culled, or canned does morph into clutter.  I inherited her distaste disdain for clutter.  That doesn't mean I do not fall victim to it from time to time, just means I cannot rest in clutter.  To be more exact, I cannot rest in my own home when it is in a state of clutter.  Clutter in your home has no ill effect on me whatsoever.  I can always leave and it stays in your home.  In truth, I don't mind clutter in the very least in your home.  Your clutter is just that....yours.  Though, I have been caught straightening displays so that I could shop that display in peace of mind.  

OCD? What's that?

But I digress.  Let me get back to my point. We all have stuff.

A couple of years ago my Mom, champion of tidiness, gave me a wonderful thing...a stuff carrier.  Yes! The DO make those.  Haven't you ever found yourself with arms full of baby, bags, papers, gadgets, purses, keys...overloaded no doubt to the point that you could or did drop something...hopefully it wasn't the baby.

Well, this little contraption has helped me so much in that department...the contraption and the fact that my kiddos ALWAYS bring in their own stuff coming to and from the car and house. ALWAYS. Don't yours?

You should add this to your wish list for yourself or a teacher or yourself.  Seriously though, it would make a GREAT gift for a teacher, new mom, yourself, a friend, a sister, your mom, yourself...maybe not your husband...or any male for that matter.  But it'd be great for YOU!  Maybe you could drop a hint or just get it for yourself and give him a thank you note.

You'll see knock offs at trendy little gift shops for $25.00 or less...but, you get what you pay for.  One big difference is the quality of the fabric.  Look for a Reisenthel.  You won't be disappointed.  A Google search yielded results for this basket at Sur La Table, Amazon, and several other retailers.  There are deals to be had on this little gem!  Another bonus: you can save money using reusable shopping bags at retailers like Target, CVS, and others.  Target will credit your total for 5 cents for each reusable bag!  Theoretically this tote will pay for itself!  
A M A Z I N G!

I told you this was a wonderful thing.