10 Spot for a plain ol' WeDnEsDaY

1.  Raise your hands if you love, LOVE, L O V E a field trip day!!!!!  Woo to the Hoo! Me too!  We went on a great one today too...CPK rocks!  They do kitchen tours for the kids and let them make their own pizzas too.  It was fun and delish! If you have a CPK in your neck of the woods...well, do I have to spell it out?  Click on that picture logo and it'll take you to their website.  you're welcome 

2.  There are only 10 weeks and 3 days until Christmas.
Santa in NOLA, by my friend Erin Auxt

3.  Next week is Awana's Bible Character night.  Andrew told me he wants to be a camel like they rode on.  Because they spit.  

4.  If Toby Mac would rap everything Math, Language Arts, Penmanship, History, etc. that Jack needs to get in his noggin this year would be a breeze.

5.  I have a friend named Julie W.  Julie is about to make her debut, to my blog.
Say "Hi!" to Julie!
Julie is a sweet dear friend...and she's tall and pretty...and pretty funny.
Julie is waaaaay prettier than the caramel apples she and I made together last weekend.

Julie's caramel apple
When life gives you caramel that just won't stick...
You laugh it off, flash your best smile, and then cut up those apples and start dippin'!
Love you Julie, it was so much fun!

6.  I have a good mind to boycott Sam's.  They NEVER make the apple spice bundt cake with caramel icing drizzled on top any more.  never.  WHO'S WITH ME???

7.  I have the gene that allows me to curl my tongue, and so far 1/3 of my offspring does too.

8.  I'm not real into Halloween.  But the best Halloween EVER was when my youngest brother and I (he was in middle school, I was in college on like my 3rd Jr. year) set up a boom box in a front window of our house so we could play a Hallmark Halloween cassette of sound effects and goofy ghoulish voices saying things like "Aren't you a little OLD to be trick-or-treating?" and "Mwahahahahahahah" to the trick-or-treaters walking by.  We weren't "participating" in trick-or-treat, Mom had the porch light off and didn't know what we were up to.  She just got upset that people weren't recognizing the universal sign for no "tricks and treats here"....and couldn't figure out why they kept on coming up to ring the bell.

9.  I need to go by Hallmark tomorrow.

10.  A bit of a conversation...
Me: Jack, do you want to take public speaking, photography, or cooking.
Jack: Public speaking, I'm going to be President one day.
(and he won't need a teleprompter either)