Peanut Blart & Jelly...what-what-what's up???

It's good to hear your voice again too Pahud.  We've got some catchin' up to do!

1.  We moved. Again.  Its a rental.  And somewhere along the way I donated my coffee pot.  I just haven't been the same without it.  Desperate measures had to be taken...see above.  The result was a mighty strong cuppajoe...with floating grounds.  What's that?  Tried it.  That too, yep, yep, uh-huh.  I finally broke down, after scouring the 2 donation sites it could've ended up at, and bought another coffee pot.  I did the Gevalia offer.  The world is right again.

2.  One of the best things about having kids is bed-head.  Kids get funny bed-head.  Kids with double crowns and fine hair get especially funny bed-head.

3.  Shake-shake-shake! Shake-shake-shake! Shake your BOOTY! Shake your BOO-TEE!!!

3.  THIS is "Tomorrow Cake"...so named b/c it seems it won't be done until tomorrow when its in the oven tempting you with its amazing aroma.  Thanks for sharing the recipe friend-of-Lisa who shared it with Lisa, and Lisa who shared it with us!  My family thinks I'm the best mom EVER.... 


He sometimes says "God is great..." but mostly says thank you for every blessed soul in our family, our extended family, on both sides, and their dogs.  That day he said thank you for cake too. :)

So far, the myth has been debunked.  They don't stick like that.  He does this to freak me out.


4.  Being a boy-mom means being on your toes...you never know when you'll be ambushed...where you'll find hot wheels...or what they'll say/do in public...

ain't it grand. :)

5.  And some days are just the best days EVER!  Like the day you get to take your punks to their FIRST LSU home game....AND get in for F R E E....

AND....hear them cheer for YOUR team, and proudly wave the "LUS" sign made just for the occasion...

enjoy the amazing FREE seats and all the action happening in your endzone!
AND finding a $20 bill on the ground on the way out of the stadium!
What do you do with $20 you find on the ground leaving Tiger Stadium???
You go to Coffee Call for Beignets and hot chocolate!

We aren't divided...mostly. 
(We go for AU, LSU,....and whoever's playing Bama. :)
Can you see the AU?  
Congratulations to the AU Tigers for winning the West!

It's been a busy month.  We've been busy settling in.  Enjoying the great fall weather and football too!  Keeping up with school has been a challenge, but by George! I think we've got it!  Hope you've been having a great Fall!  

We have sooooooo much-so much-so much-sooo much-so much-so much-so much-so much-------
to be thankful for!