Kickin' It Kindergarten Style

It has been such a hoot and a holler to be Drew Dog's Kindergarten teacher.  You know how most of us had that Kindergarten teacher that was just sooooo sweet, and was probably one of your favorite teachers...well I get to be that teacher for my boy!  How cool is that???  Pressure.  Now I  feel pressure.

Well, as most of you may...or may not...know, Kinnygartners love to cut.  Cut paper. Cut magazines. Cut hair.  Cut the cheese.  You know how it is if you have boys or A boy.  Anyway, cuttin' and gluin', 2 of our favorite Kinnygarten activities and I try to make sure we get in enough.  They are important activities and sometimes we moms can omit things that get messy and that could well...impale someone.

Anyway, all is intact today after some mighty fine cuttin'.  I know I'm the proud Mama, but even if I do say so myself, my boy has skillz. yo

Here you go....

K5 Cuttin' from Wendy Hogan on Vimeo.

And in case your kiddos need a little encouragement in the right direction lest they find themselves cuttin' in all the wrong places on all the wrong things, Andrew has shared with us this public service announcement....

Andrew's Rules For Cutting from Wendy Hogan on Vimeo.