Road Trip...Memphis!

Well it's 1 for the $$$
2 for the show
3 to get ready
now go cat go!

Ready or not!

Old Man River

Elevator doors on the mezanine level at the Peabody.

Have mercy!

Yeah, baby, yeah!

I finally tried on some "Tom's".  These I love.
Dear Santa...

These I love too. 
Heroes! Wookies! Dinos! 
Oh my!

Was Mr. Rogers saying "trolley" or "Charlie"?
Raise your hand if you thought "Charlie"...
me too.

He does that to freak me out.
And it does.

We loved our few hours in  Memphis and found a few ways to see kid friendly sights on the cheap!  Here's a little about what we did and my list of "I've never been to Memphis before now tips":

1.  Stop by the visitor's center and chat it up with the friendly folks that work there.  We stopped by the one on Elvis Presley Blvd where I asked the nice lady what we could with the kiddos for free or nearly free in a couple hours.  If you intend to take any tours, check here for discount tickets!  Grab a map and some brochures for free souvenirs to put in your scrap book, or field trip folder for us.

2.  Have some cash on hand for a trolley ride through town.  These aren't buses made to look like a trolley.  This is the real deal!  We got on at Union and rode the Riverfront Loop Trolley.  It was about a 20 minute ride. It's a great way to see a nice section of downtown without having to drive and watch the road.  Kids under 5 are free! Everybody else is $1.00.  

2.  The Peabody and its ducks.  This is FREE and fun.  The ducks parade down from their penthouse digs at 11:00 in the morning and then back home at 5:00 in the evening.  We just missed them coming down because we didn't know in time.  The lobby is lovely and the ducks are entertaining.  You can take the elevator all the way up to the mezanine and see the city from the top of the Peabody.  Back downstairs I enjoyed being back on ground level and enjoyed browsing in Lansky's boutique.  I tried on some Tom's to see what all the hub-bub is about and enjoyed checking out the swanky duds.  The Peabody is really something to see, it speaks for itself.  I was reminded of a time that I often wish to have lived in, a time when people dressed for the occasion, where manners and chivalry were the norm, and going downtown was really something.

3.  Sun Studio.  We stopped by to take pictures outside and I had to stick my head in and see what I could.  They have a nice snack shop with plenty of seating and treats as well as souvenirs and memorablia to enjoy.  I was curious about ticket prices for the 45min. guided tour and found out my kiddos were free! But...my 4 year old couldn't go...5 and under are no-go's. But...the parents of the stay behind kiddos get free tickets for the tour.  AND the stay behind parent and kiddo get free cokes and snacks at the snack shop!  So my husband, 10 year old, and 6 year old went on the tour for free; my 4 year old and I stayed in the snack shop and had a free lunch of fritos, moonpies, cokes (and the banana and yogurt I brought with us) AND I got a free ticket for the tour next time we visit (no expiration).  This may be the best kept secret in town for tourists!

4.  Parking is Fun! No, really! Park at "Parking is Fun" on the weekend for $3. 1-2-3 $.  It is on Union just west of the Peabody toward the river.  You could keep driving around looking for a free spot, or you could pay the piper $3 and go play!

5.  A. Schwab's general store on Beale St.  It is free, unless you buy stuff.  We bought some penny candy, tried on crazy hats, and had fun.  The ladies that work the store were so nice to the boys & they sure got a kick out of seeing my boys try on hats and make faces.  If you like old 
stuff or old buildings you should go. It is neato.

Well, I'm already looking forward to our next visit to Memphis.  Got any tips to share? Favorite stops?  Can't miss sights to see?  Do tell!