wait for it

What goes around comes around.  

So many images and memories probably just raced through your train of thought.  Somebody is thinking of jeans.  Somebody else is thinking of the boy that broke her heart and how later she found out he got what was coming to him.  Somebody else is thinking about "the curse".  You know, the one where your mom says to you, "I hope you have children just like you one day."

I'm thinking of houseplants.  I know.  So deep and existential, right? 

You would have to be this guy

to have missed the reborn popularity of the fiddle-leaf ficus (fig).  You cannot open a magazine, flip through Pinterest, or read most blogs and miss THE houseplant of the year. Checkout the beautiful specimen here in this March 2011 Apartment Therapy article featuring this Elle Decor photo.  Click the pic to read their article.

I came across this article in a google search for "popular houseplants of the seventies".  I just knew I'd remembered this plant from way back in the day.  Anybody else?  It even looks like the 70's.  In a good way. 

Nothing specific came up for my "popular houseplants of the eighties" search.  However, I remember my mom having a braided trunk ficus tree.  It was always dropping leaves.  

Ditto for the 90's...nothing except lots pictures of fake plants.   (See above. I count at least 5 presumable fakes.) Sadly, we can assume that the fake houseplant was the most popular plant of the late 80's and 90's.  They prefer the tops of kitchen cabinets, empty corners of massive entertainment centers, tops of armoires, and many other dusty places. 

Ok, anyway. 

Fiddle dee dee.

You lucky people near Ikea can make like Nester and pick up a pretty FLF for around $15 with tax.  Ikea shows this 10" potted FLF picture on their site. 

But Nester's looked like this. A much nicer specimen.

This 5' FLF image is from Houstoninteriorplants.com and costs...
$139.00 w/ free delivery inside the beltway. 
Bonus for Inner-beltway Houstonians!

So what do you reckon this specimen would run?

If I join the FLF bandwagon I'll be going for the < $20.00 kind. You?  And maybe by the time mine looks like that one, maybe they'll be back in again.  And I'll water it and love it and call it George while wearing my add-a-beads, banana clip, Guess Jeans, leg-warmers, Reebok hi-tops (the aerobic ones), and Liz Claiborne cologne. 

Wait for it, they'll be back in one day too.

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