What're you wearing????

Recently a friend gave me a hug at church and then she said, "Oooo, what're you wearing? You smell good!" {Kelly:)} Those words transformed me from the I-got-ready-for-church-in-such-a-hurry-mother-of-3-boys-who-didn't-get-my-coffee person I was into something divine and princess-y. Perfume and a nice compliment can do that.

I read today an article about this girl's fascination with perfume and it got me thinking...me too!
Perfume is akin to mascara, or lipstick even...if its all you can do-do it!

So, I started reminiscing about the perfumes of my past, reflecting on how much I love the perfumes of my present, and dreaming about the perfumes of my future. Silly? Not in the least. It's like a chronicle of my life, a diary of me becoming me, a novel of a woman in process. Really.

Let's go back, not that far...to sometime in 1980-something....you with me?

Love's Baby Soft, I can smell it now! That precious first perfume was some kinda big deal to me. I think I got it in my Easter basket or Christmas stocking one year. Walking down the hall of my middle school it hung in the air. It was like walking through a pink cloud of wonderfulness. *Note, this was before there ever was a Bath & Body Works to dowse us in Plumeria...that came later, much later.

Fast forward to like 7th grade - or close to it- when geometry was the rule of scent for pre-teens...Liz Claiborne in the triangle bottle. I was sure I was the last girl in the world to finally get some. Then I think my triangle was red, not the yellow seen here. Did that matter? I cannot remember now if it did.I loved my Liz, when I finally got some. It was a must have, you would not have dreamed of wearing anything else but Liz.

Oh yes, the wonderful Giorgio!
The only way I got to wear this was to use a friend's or beg the condescending counter girl for sample bottles at Goudchaux's. I cannot even remember how this smelled, so recently I smelled it at a discount store or maybe the flea market...did not like it at all. What on earth was the big deal? Sigh, I survived, difficult as it was, without my own bottle of Giorgio in its delicious yellow and white stripe box which can now be had online for under $20. whatever

What was next...OH! OF COURSE!!!! The grandest of all perfumes, so rich and luxurious, so mature, and mysterious...even its name was alluring....

geesh, sometimes, I think I over did it. I mean when your whole closet smells of Poison because the scent is so heavy in your sweaters, coats, and clothing...it was time to lighten up.

Enter Calvin, and he brought to me Eternity. So thankful for that Calvin! With its light airy scent Eternity reminded me of what the beach should smell like. Eternity was indeed the scent that carried me through the lingering moments of high school and into the Eternity of college. I was soooo mature.

So much changes when a young girl goes off to school. There are so many firsts of being a Freshman. It's so strange how one day you have no clue where you're going then all of a sudden you know your way around...the library and the bookstore.

At some point even The Gap had a scent that had to be had. What was it? Oh, there were several weren't there...with names like "sky" & "grass". Mmhmm, grass. I don't think that was their best seller though. I think I had "Dream" or "Heaven".
Somewhere along the way I liked Lauren and then quickly lost interest. I don't think I even managed to finish the bottle. It just seemed to much for me I suppose. Could be I was beginning to break away from the crowd too, and discover that I had not yet discovered my own unique scent...my signature scent.
Around this time, I think I resorted to the abundantly affordable offerings at Bath & Body Works. Everything from Plumeria to Vanilla. It's All Good!

Now, I know what I like. I like the "good stuff". Chanel. I will never forget my first visit to the Chanel counter. That was the day I came closer to womanhood. Chanel No.5 is a classic, but my Chanel is Chanel Mademoiselle. This is so beautiful, softly sophisticated...grace in a bottle. Everything I want to be when I grow up. This is my diva cologne...granted my version of diva is mild, but hey, we all have diva in us to some degree or another. This is mine. I love it.
Thank you Coco! mwah!

Now, really, is it wrong to have 2 signature scents. Is it betrayal to the one when you wear the other?

Daring as it seems, I also have another scent. Oh my goodness, it is so sweet. Floral yet not too much. It is what a lady, a young lady, should smell like. ;) Or a lady so lady like she can wear this regardless of her age and make the perfume even better for her having worn it.
How I met Stella: I picked up the bottle on display at Ulta as I was heading out with my Mom (we were out shopping on my birthday), I sniffed, sprayed, and fell for it...head over heels fell for this perfume.

I wear this every day! I get compliments on it too. This is what I was wearing the aforementioned Sunday. It will stop people in their tracks and they will ask, "What are you wearing?" You will answer, as I did: Stella, Stella Sheer. Then they will go and buy it, they won't complain about it being hard to find or how much it costs, they will hand over their money and they will buy this perfume. They'll wear it and feel beautiful, tranquil, and ever so lady like. Men will buy it for their wives or the women they want to be their wife. It is indeed dreamy.

Sorry, I had to go all Field of Dreams there didn't I.

I have unfortunately discovered what I cannot wear...and cannot even tolerate being around. These 2 colognes brought on the worst allergic attacks I've ever had. *If these are your signature scents...I'm sorry, I don't not like you, I just abhor your perfume.

These are no-no's.
Just seeing them makes
my nose itch!

Anyway, now I'm wondering....What are you wearing??? You smell wonderful, you must tell me what that scent is you're wearing!


  1. me? Oh, that's just my Germ-X! seems like there's so much flu and stuff around, I'm practically bathing in the stuff.

    Great blog, my girl!

    PS, I threw away the Anais the other day, too. I never really liked it, anyway. I was just left it on the counter because I liked the container.

  2. This post is so fun, Wendy. I had the red triangle too!! I also went through a Beautiful phase and a Tommy Girl phase. And do you know. .I did not even know the name of the perfume I've been wearing the past few months!! Your post inspired me to go look. . .Curve Wave Perfume. .and what do you know?? LIZ CLAIBORNE. Guess I haven't gone too ... Read Morefar since high school. ;) A dear friend had given it to me and I just liked how it smelled and never really paid attention to who made it or anything. And isn't it amazing how the smell of particular perfume or will sweep you back to an old memory in a minute? Really cool post. .I feel "girly" just reading it. . .and I wanna try Stella!

  3. haha! When I was in the 6th grade my "boyfriend" bought me some baby soft. I loved it then, but last year I saw it at CVS, smelled it, and whoa!! Didn't like it the second time around. Sunflower was also a huge hit when I was younger. It too now stinks.

  4. I LOVED THIS POST! Girl...when we get you a makeover to go with this post...WATCH OUT BLOGGYLAND! That was SO cute. I have been down memory lane and back...that's exactly what it should do!

    Well, my all time fave is Yves Saint Laurent "Babydoll". It just makes you feel like a woman, but still like a cute baby doll all at the same time. And, I LOVE that you included Loves Baby Soft. It's so funny...I was just looking that up on Drugstore.com the other day because I want to order some. I'm still shopping around....

  5. Holly, you didn't tell us what you like now! I wanna know girl...what are you wearing? ;)

  6. Well typically I don't tell. Everytime I have the past the person goes and buys it, and it can't be MY signature scent if all of the people I hang out with are wearing it!! Ya know? I wear Vera Wang princess, and then some victorias secret ones. After Christmas each year, when it's on clearance, I order the sampler box they have. It comes with about 7 perfumes and they last me til the next year. Heavenly, desire, sexy little thing (I know that's your nickname for me), body by Victoria, and pink. I have a giant bottle of heavenly as well. I love dkny be delicious!! I haven't had any in a few years though.

  7. I love Vera Wang's perfumes!

  8. I remember in college really liking Guess! I don't think I had any, but any time I would stay with one of my friends, I would get to borrow some! Now I ususally wear body splashes of various scents. One of my faves is Amber Romance from Victoria's Secret. I also like Burberry Brit perfume.

  9. I've always wondered how the women who work in those "perfume outlets" tolerate it? I can't even go in one without leaving with an uninvited headache!

    I would like to go to Paris though, and get some parfume...something very Parisian.

    I don't know why, but I always imagine that Paris itself just smells good...between the patisseries, bistros, Parisian gardens, fine restaurants, and parfumeries it just should smell good.

    If you've been and discovered it does not indeed smell as I imagine...don't ruin it for me. ;)

  10. I'm posting this for Janet with her permission. I loved her perfume story and wanted to share it here.

    Hey Wendy,

    I enjoyed your blog on "smells." I have to tell you that the first perfume I ever had was called "Evening in Paris." It could be bought at Kress's in Prichard in a little bottle for 10 cents. All of my girlfriends in 3rd grade got it from me for Christmas. My Mother wasn't into herself at all with my grandparents living with us and 4 children, (plus she was plagued with allergies), so I never really had exposure to such luxuries. The first year Steve and I were married in 1966, for Christmas he bought me my first bottle (very small one -- probably 1/4 ounce) of Chanel #5 -- PERFUME now mind you. That little bottle probably cost him 30 bucks that he couldn't afford as a junior in college. Anyhow, our 43rd anniversary is on Sept. 2nd and I've not worn anything but Chanel #5 since. I get the Perfume, Cologne, Au de Parfum, Elixir Sensuel, lotion, powder, and anything else made in the #5 scent for Christmas every year. I do have to admit that over the years I've experimented with other stuff, just to be adventurous, but Steve's comments have ranged from "Did you borrow the maid's cologne?" to "That doesn't smell like you." Guess when you find a good thing, just stay with it. Plus, it's the only thing that doesn't give me a headache.

    Love you,

  11. Just popped by to say Hi from Jennifer's. Looks mighty perty around here! :~D



  12. dream is really good...the stuff you got at the gap...and if you go to victorias secret be sure to get 'bohemian belle'...a little expensive but smells awesome!

  13. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Wendy! You are a beautiful writer. So poetic. Your words just flow like the wafting scent of a fabulous fine perfume!

    I too remember Baby Soft, then Sunflowers, Narcisse, Poison, then finally thought I had found my signature scent..Beautiful. Then when Mario and I were married, he told me that Beautiful smelled like an old Jewish woman in Miami. Obviously, not the scent for me:) Now I have two signature scents Channel No5 for Fall and Winter, and Estee Lauder Pleasures (original)for Sring and Summer. I don't think I will ever change them. Britta

  14. I too have Coco Chanel Mademoiselle. It's one of my faves. But I am not a big perfume wearer. It never seems to smell on me for long? Anyway, my sister-in-law wears the Clinique Elixir. I love it on her, and I can smell it out in public from a mile away. I also love Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue.

  15. Old Jewish woman from Miami ?!?!?! That's hilarious! Not at all what you were going for I'm sure!

    Thanks for the kind words and your comment Britta. I've been told that before but an altogether different analogy was made. Personally, I like your analogy much better! ;)

  16. What timing our Lord has.. I am in the middle of preparing to speak on Sunday morning about being set apart, consecrated and sold out for our Lord, and of breaking the alabaster jar of priceless perfume and am led to your post by Rob's Wife at A Pair of Bartletts!

    My first love was Nina Ricci's L'air du Temps. I enjoyed Jungle Gardenia but it offended many with it's heavy heady sweetness. I moved on to Chloe by Lagerfeld, and then Adolfo. There was a bit of Opium thrown in for it's rich spiciness and pure sensuality. I would alternate scents to match my mood or whimsy. I admit I tried to avoid what everyone else was wearing.

    When I was introduced to a scent called Animale I found myself forsaking all of my other favourites and became a one scent woman for years.

    These days, you'll find me wearing anointing oil scented with frankincense and myhrr. To me, it smells like Jesus, so it smells like love!

  17. Today I've been praying for a few women; one who has had surgery, two who are experiencing a season of life where there is much at stake. I keep asking God from my heart to receive these prayers as a fragrant perfume and that it would please Him to intervene on the behalf of these, His precious daughters.

    I enjoy praying God's Word to Him. My own words seem inadequate at times and I draw strength in praying scripture related to what my heart is dealing with. So, today I have spent some time looking up verses related to perfume and fragrance. I intend to comment later on a few others, but first:

    In Exodus chapter 30 I discovered that God gives instructions for making perfume that is to adorn only certain parts of the Holy meeting place, some was to be burned as incense, and then some was to be used in oil to anoint the priest. (No coincidence here that some were indeed what was used to anoint Christ at burial.) He was so specific about the scent He wanted. The Lord called His perfume "sacred".

    His signature scent is sacred.

    I speak this word over you and pray that it would anoint you like a fragrant perfume.
    He has made you sacred.
    He has perfumed you and you are a fragrance so lovely to him. You delight Him.

    Tomorrow when you use your perfume, purpose that you are anointing yourself for the King of Kings.

    Enjoy His presence, may it be sweet on you like no other perfume.

  18. Oh! You know, perfumes are memory enhancers like songs! I'd never thought of that until I strolled through the perfume aisle of your memories. Fun!

  19. Wendy....the perfumeries in Paris are overwhelming....you're in there for less than 5 minutes and then your nose goes numb. You can't smell anything after that! I can see you in Paris for sure...you would love it! Hey, can we just take our laptops and go there and sit at a cafe? It would be much better than Panera!

    I love your last comment....that is SUCH a great thing to remember...I'll never look at putting on perfume the same way!

  20. Anonymous11:26 PM

    I love this blog, Wendy!! How creative you are! You know I am a CHANEL girl too (Mademoiselle and CHANCE eau fraiche!!) Today, however, I wore Estee Lauder's Pleasures Delight! Some of my past faves were Benetton and Clinique Happy!
    Kelly B.

  21. Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart, and the pleasantness of one's friend springs from his earnest counsel. Proverbs 27:9

    Hmmm. Oh, this speaks to me...does it you? Proverbs can always say so much in so little. I should be more like that!

    So, I have one question to ask myself:
    Self, how pleasant are you?

    Father, may I be a perfume that would bring joy to your heart today! Holy Spirit speak to me, show me what kind of fragrance I am to others. Then change me, sweeten me.

  22. Oh how I hope you've enjoyed this week's topic...I sure have. Today I was reading Ruth 3 & 4, how Naomi instructed Ruth to put on her good perfume and then go to Boaz; and over in Gospels where this sweet lady pours out her very best perfume over Jesus and then dries his feet with her hair. Two very intimate acts.

    The stories of these two women have gotten me thinking over all that God has done for me...how sweet on me He is. How he is my kinsman-redeemer, the sacrifice that saved me. When I wrote this post about perfume I never imagined how He would use this to reveal something so intimate about Himself to me.

    You know, perfume is intimate isn't it? It is a gift lover's give to one another, it seduces, it enhances beauty, and changes moods.

    Intimacy...knowing and being known in the deepest personal way. We can experience intimacy with a dear friend, deep intimacy with our beloved spouse, and even deeper intimacy with the lover of our souls.

    Jesus, oh how He desires to know and be known by me, He alone is the lover of my soul. How He seduces me with the fragrance of His holiness, how sweet His perfume that clings to me when I am with Him.

    Nothing makes me feel lovelier inside than being with Him. He alone can perfume me with such sweet scents...love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.

    He is my beauty. Wearing His perfume just makes me feel better and lifts my countenance. A good perfume can do that, can't it?

  23. I'm adding to the list! I've since discovered a couple of "fun" scents that I like...
    can you say VIVA? La Juicy that is! If you love sweet floral~fruity scents...YOU might be a Viva girl.

    Since moving to Baton Rouge and having an encounter with L'Occitane I have fallen for Cherry Blossom. Their Peony scent is lovely too but it is never in stock. If you like light florals, try those when you can, you might like them too!