waiting at Winn-Dixie

I'm waiting on my husband in the car.  He's in Winn-Dixie.  I'm in the car.  He has 2 of our children in there too.  God bless him.  Our car is very quiet now.

Now it's not.  

My oldest is in the way back singing "Day Tripper".  Just that fast the quiet is gone.

Do you call it the way back?

We do. 

We call those buggies too.  You 

 Here they are!  Autofocus didn't have a chance!

Wanna know what's in the bag? 

S'mores stuff. 

We are going to a bonfire!  I hope nobody    gets hurt.  (See above pic of child flailing.)

On our way to Camp Grace under a beautiful fall sky. 
It's blurry but kinda cool looking.  

Silhouette against a pretty sky.

Seriously. Yes.

Could've stayed right here forever. 

Campfire singing.

Time to go. 

He wears his fun so well!

Kids are fed and washed. Chores done.
And to all a good night. 

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