Wednesday always turns into Thursday

We're coasting through this week, last week's hectic pace has us still rolling along.  It was full of good things though.  Like...

Sweaty boys with sweaty candy necklaces.


Soccer trophy!

 Chris Tomlin concert in Pensacola with a few friends. #burninglightstour

Chick Fil A Field Trip

Pumpkin Patch field trip!

This is pretty, 
but it may be what has me feeling not quite right.

Wednesday, the boys and I managed to get to most of our school work done.  So we ran to Toys 'R' Us to use an awesome coupon for $10 off any purchase.  This is what they wanted to get...

 they do have good taste.

What we got instead was...LEARNING GAMES!!!

Not a whole lot going on this lovely fall day.  Just routinely unroutine. (happy face)  Woke up this morning and there was a lovely light rain to greet me.  

This tree is beginning to change with the season.  This makes the fourth season I've watched this tree.  I wasn't planning to be here this long.  Nor was I planning for this to be my kitchen this long.  Funny how things don't always go as planned.


So sometimes just looking around can surprise you.  Sometimes that quick look around sets you right.  Sometimes it doesn't.  I hope today though, you find a peace in knowing that you are loved.  Every single iota of a minute detail matters to the one who made you.  I hope you can know that and rest in it.

Even in the waiting.

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